What is Creative Packaging

Posted September 10, 2019 by Brand Box

What is Creative Packaging?

What is creative packaging? Creative packaging is an attention-stealing move to win “The Best Creative Packaging” award. Even though your packaging is not competing in an actual competition, it is competing for the attention of customers against other competitors trying to do the same.

Simply put, creative packaging uses durable, elegant, and unique materials to attract customers to their product and encourage them to purchase it.

Quicks Facts to Sum Up the Importance of Creative Packaging

  • 52% of online users say that they are likely to purchase again from a business if they receive their order in premium packaging.
  • 90% of users will reuse the premium packaging boxes and bags after they have purchased it and received their order.
  • 40% of users share a picture of the product packaging if they find it interesting.
  • One-third of users based their decision to purchase the product on its packaging.

What Does Creative Packaging Involve?

Innovative packaging involves colors, fonts, characters, slogans, logos, and more. You can hire a logo designer to design your product’s packaging, making it creative and a hit among your target market while enticing new, potential customers to come in for a closer look.

The colors that you choose for your creative packaging is important. You cannot choose a color at random, as it requires careful thought. Ever heard of the psychology of colors? If you have, here is where it comes into play. To refresh your memory, here is what the basic colors represent:

  • Black represents authority and luxury
  • White represents cleanliness, simplicity, and purity
  • Red represents bold, appetite, and passion
  • Orange represents fun and low cost
  • Green represents growth and nature
  • Yellow represents hope and optimism
  • Purple represents success and imagination
  • Blue represents reliability and trust

When you are choosing the colors for your product packaging, you need to ask yourself — Which colors in your brand and product packaging are predominant? What does that communicate about your brand?

For instance, is your product a high-end product? If it is a high-end product, you will not choose the color orange. Your color choices need to represent your value proposition. Through your choice of colors, fonts, logos, and more, you will create interest in your product among consumers who encounter it when they walk into your store.

Apart from colors, you also need to look at the various box designs available to enclose your product. Before the colors, fonts, and logo can come, you need to decide what the shape of the box needs to be, and then come with an innovative way to aesthetically enhance the packaging to stand out, not mirror the rest.

5 Creative Packaging Box Designs for Inspiration

Here are a few creative packaging box designs you can look at for inspiration to design your own unique packaging:

1.     Klein Constantia Farm’s Honey Packaging Box

The company encased their jar of honey in a small white box with embossed ridges to resemble nails and wood. In the front of the box, they placed their logo in a gold foiled design below the small opening that has a bee making its way into the packaging box. When you open the box, you will see several bees covering the flaps, flying inside.

2.     Quick Fruit’s Flavored Jelly Packaging Box

The company stored their real fruit in flavored jelly in a one-of-a-kind packaging box. The front of the packaging — the part you peel off to reveal the flavored jelly — has a picture of sliced fruit. It shows the core of the fruit. The most innovative part is that from the front it depicts the letter “Q”, which stands for “Q” in “Quick Fruit.”

3.     Goji Berry Juice’s Gloji

The company’s filled its energy boosting juice in a light bulb. Light bulbs give energy and so does the juice. The innovative packaging box is a play on their drink’s ability to boost people’s energy levels when they drink it. This is an example of a packaging box that you would not want to throw away due to how different it looks from the rest.

4.     Heresod’s T-shirts

Heresod decided to create a new line of t-shirts, which represented the simple and exclusive packaging of food sold at gourmet grocery stores. For instance, the company’s created a cabbage pattern on the neck of a white shirt, which they placed in a Styrofoam packaging.

From afar, it looks like cabbage stored in a packaging box when it is actually a shirt. Like the breadsticks. They added three breadsticks onto the shirt and folded the shirt so one breadstick shows. They placed the shirt in a brown paper box.

5.     Hanger Tea’s Hanger Tea

Hanger Tea resolved the tea drinkers’ age-old dilemma of tea bags falling into the tea. The company added hangers to their tea bags and placed them in a box resembling a closet. Inside the packaging box, the tea bags are hanging from a cardboard pole.

When it comes to creative packaging, there are no limitations. You can be as creative as possible when it comes to designing a packaging box for your product. Since two heads are better than one, you can sit with your team to throw some creative ideas at each other and see which one represents your brand and product.

Be Creative. Be Recognizable. Be Popular.

Creative packaging also involves the security of the product inside of it. You need to make sure the product does not move out of place or break. Once you have an idea and shape, colors, font, and placement of logo and other design elements selected, you can create a creative packaging box that will make your brand recognizable.

When you are creative, you are recognizable. When you are recognizable, you are popular. You have a higher chance of standing out and going viral as more people would want to show off the unique design of your packaging box to their followers on their social media platforms.